Best Handyman maintenance Services in Truckee CA

Are you searching for the best handyman maintenance service in Truckee CA? If so then you can blindly rely on us.We accept that it takes a lot to keep your house looking and performing at its best. You can rely on our expertise and professionalism to fix all your home’s little problems. Looking only professional handyman is not enough, you need a handyman who is an expert in his job. No matter what the job is, we have the handymen in our company with years of experience possessing great attitude towards new and old customers.

No matter what the issue is that goes on in your home, we do absolutely everything from A to Z and always offer service with a smile. Some of the handyman services that we do are listed below:

  • Painting
  • Interior/Exterior deck repairs
  • Defensible space
  • Caretaking
  • Home improvements
  • Deck refinishing and oiling
  • Lighting and electrical needs
  • Hanging pictures
  • Assembling furniture
  • Plumbing issues
  • Toilet repairs and replacements
  • Moving households
  • Drywall repairs
  • Window washing
  • Snow shoveling
  • Woodpecker damage
  • House cleaning

Our handyman services are not limited to the ones that are listed above, you just name it and we do it.Whether you need to repair, remodel, build, or maintain, you can trust our skilled, reliable, professional, friendly and affordable staff. We are proud to offer you the best handyman service Truckee, ca at the most reasonably price then others and that’s the reason why we have high returning customers.

We guarantee you to fix your things in the first attempt and in a timely manner. You can consult us for the estimations and that free of cost. Our team will always be reliable and honest to you in case the things require more than anticipated and provide you the updated estimates and timelines before continuing the work. right now for the best handyman maintenance Truckee, ca.

Grass Cutting Services Incline Village NV

Never cut one or more 3rd of the total amount of your lawn. Cutting grass too brief interferes with photosynthesis and may cause yellowing. To keep a lawn 3 inches in height, let the grass to develop 4 inches long before mowing. Moderate fertilization may reduce mowing frequency to each four to 5 days or once weekly.

Augustine lawns should be maintained at a height of between 3-1\/2 and 4 inches to develop a strong root structure and look their best. If you permit the yard to develop to over 6 inches high, you will risk cutting the stolone during cutting, stressing the turf and reducing new development.

Select the higher wheel setting on your mower to reach the proper elevation and always utilize a sharp blade. Dull blades whip the grass as opposed to making clean cuts. Jaggedly cut grass yellows rapidly and requires more water. Sharpen or replace mower blades annual for best results.

Thatch reduces water absorption and it is a number one reason for cinch bug infestations and damaging fungus. Augustine generally requires supplementary irrigation during prolonged dry periods to stay green and thriving. In mid March, mow the brown peaks from the lawn to warm the ground and expose the roots to sun.

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Professional Handyman Maintenance Services Truckee, ca

You can’t expect to run an effective handy person business without having a substantial degree of professionalism at the core your company. Stand out from the audience of all of the other handymen and be skilled in your company. Including looking professional as well as performing professional. If you only wear a business logo on the shirt and drive a business van with your logo on it you’ll be ahead of possibly ninety percent of the handymen out there. Looking professional has a lot of benefits it’d take too much time to name them all. Among the top two advantages are greater esteem and higher earnings.

Clients are unconsciously willing to pay more for a handy person that turns up in uniform with a business emblem stitched on it as well as somebody who drives a good van with a large business logo plastered on the side. It means you mean business and you’re serious about your work. It’s important at all times to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and see the situation from their standpoint. Handyman A calls its trade by his name and turns up in a pickup truck with no business logo on it. He gets out and you could see he’s wearing jeans and a tee shirt and pops up to your door.

At this stage you haven’t even met the man yet, but you’ve already made premises and subconsciously you’ve already made up the mind about him. You can see what his business name is right away as you pull up to your house because it’s right on his business van in good big vinyl graphics. He gets out of his van along with you may see that he’s wearing blacks slacks and a collared shirt with his logo design on the corner of his chest. Subconsciously, you already trust him since he’s probably been in business for at least ten years, you know his costs are likely a bit higher than some other handy person, but just by the way he appears you know that he’s going to complete the job right along with its worth the extra amount. If he’s been in business for a while then he must know exactly what to charge and you’re automatically okay with the quote that he’s going to give you. You are not even going to get him down on the price because you’ve a feeling that he won’t budge along with he’s probably way to busy to deal with bargaining anyway.

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Choose the Best Snow Removal Company Incline Village NV

Snow removal is among the numerous services you should supply to your renters in exchange for rent. Snow removal can also be a necessary preventative measure to reduce risk and obligation from slides and falls by not only your renter, however their family pals, along with other visitors to the property. You must have your snow removed each day before you as well as your renters go to work. Mark the date as well as time you did snow removal at that your property. The snow not shoveled may be packed down, and heavy. You will find it almost impossible to find somewhere to place the snow.

Designate yard or drive space in expectation of a big winter of snow. When there’s a blizzard, it might snow night and day. You may want your snow removed so your renters can go to work in the morning to prevent slip and fall suits. Research your city ordinances about needed snow removal. In Boston, Massachusetts, landlords should take away the snow as well as slush from their sidewalks within three hours of a storm, or they’ll be fined every day of non conformity. When it snows, they’ll leave it at the closest convenience to the trash cans. In case your commercial renters possess a lease stating they’re responsible for their very own snow removal, take a ride as well as see whether they’re doing it correctly.

Some cities pay a substantial fine for shoveling that your snow on the road or your neighbor’s pavement area. Add to that the effort to throw the snow over your head in the front yard. Do you’ve any type of asthma or bronchitis? If there’s one snowstorm after another, and you’ve a full time job, why are you out there shoveling snow as well as throwing down ice melt? Hire a business whose job it’s to ensure your pavement and driveway is always clear whenever you leave for as well as come home from work. Whenever you employ a snow removal company, the responsibility is on them.

Give clear instructions as to whenever you wish the snow taken off your property. Shield your investment by having someone remove ice and snow, regardless of when it snows or else rains. Remember to clear that your fire hydrants, and instruct that your snow contractor to do the same. Plant Life – don’t plant flowers or bushes where you plan to dump that your snow for the winter. The sand and salt from the road mixed with the snow will kill that your plants.

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Find the Best Snow Removal Company in Truckee, CA

Traffic injuries, due to the possible danger of harm and lack of life, are the worst side effect of unfavorable winter weather, but they’re not the only side effect. Ice and snow on the roadway also lead to road closures, traffic delays, non delivery of components and goods, company slow downs and closings, and more. Removal of the ice and snow is a big priority to roadway care bureaus as it ensures that the public roads stay safe and clear. Dependant on the level and form of precipitation there are various different methods as well as strategies in clearing ice and snow from the road.

You will find two concerns to consider when facing winter roads, removing the ice and snow as well as making certain there is enough grip on the roads for tourists. In several cases one or more ice removal method can be used on any given scenario, but there are 3 primary ways to clear the roadway in winter weather conditions. Snow plows and blowers are utilized to rapidly remove snow and ice build-up. The advantages are two fold because it is removing the snow and ice as well as exposing the next level of roadway that will be worked on

Sand or gravel, occasionally blended with salt or pretreated with a chemical deicer, is put back on the roadway to offer temporary traction in slippery conditions. Anti icing or deicing using chemicals is made both to prevent ice forming from humidity already present on the roadway, and additionally to melt any ice or slush that might already be present. Deicing chemicals are also for Wet promptly abrasive materials like sand within an effort to offer grip and maintain ice formation at the same time.

Getting the ice and snow off the roadway is as rapidly and safely as possible is the goal in snow removal. Based upon what the road conditions are in any time, various techniques and methods can be needed to tackle the job.

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Home Maintenance Professionals Incline Village NV

Currently the technology has advanced a lot and you of course have to cope with the world during your computers. You own computer at the home and make distinct deal out of your home. Working over computer is growing every day and you find computer an excellent luxury for you or your family. Due to long hour working and processing, you can face any problem in your personal computer and look for a pc repair business that may give you top quality repairing services on your computer. Since you or your family do plenty of things over computer, you might need a pc repair shop where you could get your computer repaired.

A pc is full of plenty of hardware accessories which might face fault because of a little neglect and misusage. You could get your all computer components repaired from the repairing shop which will offer you top quality repairing services. Since computer comprise of delicate parts and need much consideration and care, they get problem at any point of time. The repairing stores offer you their services to repair malfunctions in your computers. Computer’s components are incredibly fine and some need much care and consideration. The screens of computers are delicate region and you could find faults in them that may be to over use of the system.

In nearly every case, the screen needs repairing and altering a number of its significant tiny parts. Computer screen correct is a time taking job that needs professionals for it. All of the computers are made with defined screen resolutions and want proper care for their safety. You may get your personal computer screen repaired from the experts. If you find any sort of problems in working of your personal computer and get an issue while operating your system, your system needs to correct is components. From power source to screen all the parts may get treatment at personal computer clinic kay tx.

All of the portions of computer whether it’s a small chip on mother board or it’s a cable wire in power source that needs repair, might be fixed by having services of professionals. The professional can find small problems in your system and assist you for making your computer work properly. Though technology has grown much, the need for information technology is grown. The computers may get repaired by professional with no trouble. Computer maintenance katy tx offers you top quality maintenance service of the computer.

Home Maintenance Services in Lake Tahoe

When you return home after a long hectic day, you would love to return to a place where everything is neat and clean and all the accessories are perfectly in place. Given your tough schedule, it is physically not feasible for you to personally maintain your home. That is why home maintenance services, Lake Tahoe is there for you whenever and wherever you need.

About Us:

Lakeside Property Maintenance, your personal home maintenance service was established in 1999 by Shane Thompson and is a family-based enterprise. We have been to the home maintenance business for the last 20 years. We offer a wide range of precautionary measures for your home and help you to add and protect the beauty of your home.
We are in this business to meet the needs and demands of today’s busy homeowners and give our customers some extra time to do their personal chores while we do our duty of protecting their home. Our team of experts takes proper care of your home whose core competence lies in home maintenance. With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about giving the better things in your life a skip!


We offer the following services for your home:

a. Landscape Maintenance Services
Lakeside Property Maintenance, Lake Tahoe offers a wide range of landscape protection and maintenance services during the month of summer and winter, when it is most required. Apart from that, we do the detailed property clean up in the fall and the spring season, along with the debris removal and disposal and hauling of the landscape. We assist you in maintaining the natural beauty of your turf, by the turf aeration program and prune the overgrown grass through the Turf Lawn Dethatching mechanism. We also help you to maintain the nutrient level of your soil by implementing the Chemical and Organic Turf Lawn Fertilizer Programs. We also guide you in deciding how you will design your landscape with varieties of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers, with the right application of chemical fertilizers. Our weekly maintenance services include mowing and edging of the lawn, checking the sprinkler system, driveway air sweeping, and garden weeding. The winterization services include pruning the trees to withstand the rough winter months. Our landscape maintenance also includes irrigation system services.

b. Snow Removal
Snow removal services include removing snows from the driveways and walkways of your home and roof snow removal so that they don’t damage the walls and the ceilings of your home. We take a detailed study of your property before performing the ice melt applications. We have different types of equipment for removing snow from different deck materials. We also offer on-call snow removal emergency services and also ice dam removal.

c. Property Maintenance
With our reliable group of local contractors and servicemen, we provide thorough property maintenance services for your home. The lists of the services we provide are:

1. Weekly Home Inspections like mechanical, heating and electrical systems and plumbing services
2. Driveway Sealing
3. Cleaning of the Windows
4. Cleaning and sweeping the chimneys

Our main aim is to provide you with all kinds of comforting home maintenance services in Lake Tahoe. If you want us to serve you, give us a call or send us an email.

Snow Removal Company Truckee, CA

Since, we are locals of Truckee, we know the weather and we are quick and the most reliable Snow removal company Truckee, CA. We have excellent snow fighting equipment. These equipment, are a mix of both light and speedy vehicles that can remove the maximum snow per vehicle. The tractors have high horsepower, which makes them most efficient in the extreme weather conditions. Because of our variety of high torque tractors, and snow removing equipment we are the most preferred and trusted company.

We operate in most of Truckee area. Our machines are of the best quality standard. They can operate even on snow laden ski slope way. The machines take out a huge amount of snow at a time, but they are agile as well. The machines have enough muscle and endurance to cut through snow blocks and disburse them in the lightweight package.

We boast about our equipment because it is the best and it is of the highest quality.We have a hard working and great team of staff that ensures the equipment are maintained well and there is timely and reliable snow removal. Most of our staff is also local. Hence, they find it easy to understand the intensity and behavior of the weather.

Be it a driveway cleaning or the road in front we are an excellent choice to make. We believe in service that is quick and reliable.

  • Get your Contract
    Getting a contract with us will mean your driveway will always be clean and safe. We will do regular visit to your place and ensure that the driveway is maintained well. You can get this contract before winter arrives for a special price. The maintenance of your property will be done before and after the snowfall. Before the snowfall, we will come out and stake your property and after the snow fall when there are 4-5 inches of snow we will clear it immediately to ensure the safety of your property and a clear driveway.

Not only this we also clear your deck and remove snow from your roof with the best equipment and with the most trusted employees. With us, your walkways will never be snow capped.

  • Clearing after Holidays
    We also undertake the contract to clear the berm. It is always stressful to come back to a house and yard full of snow. You can now enjoy your holiday and we will do the clearing for you. While you are on a holiday we will maintain your property and get the berm cleared. Give us a call and we will keep the work done.

We request you to send us an email or call us for a quick response. We are always committed to the work that we take and we will ensure that snow is never a problem for you to drive out of the house. We get most of our business through referrals and we are proud to say that our customers are happy to see a committed and hard working team like us. Call us today and you will see the difference!

Lakeside Property Maintenence and Landscape Services in Truckee CA

“Picture this… You arrive at a home that has perfectly maintained lawns, clean yards, blooming flowers, landscaped trees and shrubs cut in intriguing shapes… and, you enjoy this without the headache of maintenance and mowing.”

Lakeside property Maintenance is a specialist in construction and maintaining the landscapes of both commercial as well as residential properties.We do Landscape services Truckee, CA. Our services encompass spring and fall landscaping clean up’s, Turf maintenance, Weekly maintenance, Winterization, Irrigation system services, Landscape plant maintenance.We have a team that can meet both large and small landscaping needs.

  • Winterization: Weather can be tough in Truckee. Hence, it is important that the plants are prepared to take the snow. We will do the best irrigation process before winter so that, there are no mainline damages when the winters arrive. We will also fall prune the trees, shrubs and perennial flowers so that they do not die in winter.
  • Turf maintenance: Be it bigger or smaller turfs we have managed all. We design and manage the air aeration of your turf and we try to do it, the most natural way. We let you take the maximum benefit of the space and minimize the water and energy use in the most natural way. We know the ideal time to dethatch the grass. We know the land around Truckee well and use the best chemicals and organic fertilizers on your lawns.
  • Spring and fall landscaping clean up: Landscapes in Truckee grow wild and unmanageable in winters. We do the detailed clean of your property.We undertake Debris removal, hauling, and disposal that is required for your property. We make your property look beautiful and debris free.
  • Weekly maintenance: We do the best weekly maintenance that your landscape needs. We also design and upgrade your landscape into something that you have always dreamt of. We enhance the quality of soil by increasing the nutrients and organic matter in the soil. We will take care of the dips and ruts, and ensure that your driveway and yards are blooming and lush green. Once you have us on board Lawn mowing, Lawn edging, air sweeping your driveway, garden weeding, sprinkler system check is all our headache. All, you need to do is enjoy the sight of the beauty!
  • Irrigation system services: Irrigation systems need to be changed with the season and we audit as well as repair your irrigation system as and when the need arises.
  • Landscape plant maintenance: Having intriguing tree designs is every home owners dream. Who doesn’t love to drive looking at blooming flowers, well maintained shrubs and trees? Landscaping and plant maintenance need experienced and skilled labor like our team. And, we assure you of the best designs for your property.

We believe in quality work and we are proud of the fact that most of our business comes from referrals. We work for the satisfaction of the customer and ensure that we have a bond with them that lasts long. Give us a chance and you will see the difference yourself!

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Maintenance Contractor

Your house aesthetics and beauty speaks a lot about you to all those entering your premises or passing by. Thus, it’s natural that you pay a lot of attention to its details, especially the landscape of your garden, driveway and the whole exterior. While many go ahead and take care of it by themselves, hiring a landscape maintenance contractor can be a smart move. The below mentioned perusals may convince you of that:-

Knowledge and expertise of a professional

Owning to proper training, certifications and experience; a professional landscape maintenance contractor is unmatched. Understanding your needs, challenges posed in your locality like water shortage and keeping aesthetics in mind, the professional designer can create a landscape for you with those plants and trees that would thrive best in it and would fall into the maintenance plan that you carve out of it. Their knowledge of various types of plant species and varied landscaping experience in the past lends you the right advice and design which you may not have been able to design yourself.

Attractive curb appeal

When you maintain your garden landscape, it is done mostly by trial and error. Thus, it may look attractive or decent. However, a trained eye and the vision of the landscape maintenance contractor can immediately detect even the finest errors and work methodically and strategically to lend it maximum aesthetic value and curb appeal with no compromise on its functionality. This raises the value of your property in both financial and aesthetic terms and you are bound to get a good value at times you decide to sell it or lease it.

Familiarity and convenience

If you hire the same landscape maintenance contractor who has designed the landscape for you, to maintain it, the concerned firm would know all the finer points and challenges present in the landscape. This familiarity will have the solutions ready with him faster and he would be implementing them faster and with greater efficiency. This works positively for both parties and is a win-win situation for all.


Novices undertaking landscaping maintenance projects may go wrong, which can cause quite a dent in the pocket. However, a landscape maintenance contractor is guaranteed to give you optimal results in least possible costs. They would not only have the latest knowledge and technique, but would also have the latest equipment to do the job with finesse, elusive to novices. Their choice of plants and greenery and the exact location is uncanny and to the target. Additionally, given both designing and maintenance jobs, they drool out attractive discounts to save precious money on your pocket.

Mental peace and free time

Very few realize the hard work that goes into maintaining a garden or backyard landscape. With the work handed over to a professional landscape maintenance contractor, you have mental peace of mind and confidence of the best work done for you. This leaves you with precious free time to relax or look into other matters.


With all the advantages, it is indeed advantageous to let a professional design and maintain the landscape of your property, be it residential or commercial.